My instrumental as well as electroacoustic works are inspired from Nathalie Sarraute’s « novels » and Morton Feldman’s music. Sarraute investigates the area of sensation in a very grasping manner and Feldman goes ahead rethinking the notion of time and duration. in the acoustic context. My work improvising is also involved with the same issues which is reflected in my use of an increasingly reduced sound material.


2013    From There to Hear
for piano and electronic [20′]
Commission from Luciane Cardassi. With support from Conseil des arts du Canada.
Premiere : 05.13, Studio Davidson, Banff Centre

2012    ishkutshun (innu) Where in the river the water does not freeze.
electronic music [20′]
Commission from immersion (France Jobin, commissaire), Oboro, 06.12

2011    Place Tahrir for bass flute, viola de la gamba, harpsichord and tape.  [5′] Commission from Fiolutroniq: Cléo Palacio-Quintin et Elin Söderstrom.
With support from Conseil des arts du Canada

2010  Surface [Étang] Acousmatic music [10′]
Commission from Musiques et Recherches. Premiere: 21.04.10
Série Saison acousmatique. Espace Senghor, Bruxelles

2010  Jerusalem
for tenor saxophone, piano and electronic. [8′]
Commission from Rubbing Stone Ensemble.
With the support from Conseil des arts du Canada.
Premiere: 20.04.10, New Works Calgary

2009 – 10 Haïti-Haïti for voice, percussion and electronic. [20′]
With support from Conseil des arts du Canada.
Premiere: 25.08.10 Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. Concert review

2009 in memoriam Pina Bausch
Electronic music [4′]
Commission from Open Space/Audio Space
Premiere online August 2009.

2009 A Room With No Walls
for alto saxophone and tape [10′]
Commission from Jeremy Brown, saxophone.
Premiere: 03.09 Eastman School of Music, Univ. of Rochester, NY, EU

2008-09    Gaza
for base flute, viola de la gamba and electronic music [10′]
Commission from duo Fiolutroniq. With support from Conseil des arts du Canada.
Premiere: 05.09 Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur, Montréal

Cléo Palacio-Quintin, flûte basse. Elin Söderstrom, viole de gambe

2008    Still-leven
for accordion solo [10′]
Commission from  Primoz Parovel, accordion.
With support from Conseil des arts du Canada.

2008    chair. bell. floor.
electronic music [24′] published on épnoyme_fissures.recordings002

2008    Estudo de um piano
pour piano préparé et bande [10′]
Commande de Luciane Cardassi, pianiste.
Avec le soutien du Conseil des arts du Canada

Luciane Cardassi, piano

2007    Slow
pour quatuor à cordes et Bach-Gould [14′]
Commande de CBC, Radio 2

Jonathan Crow & Olivier Thouin, violon. Neal Gripp, alto. Brian Manker, violoncelle.

2007    Raumstudie_2
pour saxophone soprano, accordéon et violoncelle [11′]
Commande de l’ensemble Ecco.

2007    Raumstudie_2
for soprano saxophone soprano, accordion and cello [11′]
Commission from Ecco trio.
Premiere 06.07, Freiburg

2006 Study of a Room
for string quartet [12′]
Commission from Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival for the Smith Quartet.

2005 Les Commencements
for tuba and tape [10’].
Commission from Leo Bachman, tuba player

2004-05    (artist’s workshop no1)
for string quartet and tape [20′]
With support from the Conseil des arts du Canada, research grant.

2004 Est-ce la nuit…
for choir[2’]
Poem from Martine Audet, éd. Hexagone. Commission from ensemble Tactus.

2003 Contre-nuit
for accordion and electroacoustic music. [10’]
Commission from the Artists Center Est-Nord-Est in collaboration with the Centre des migrations and the Carrefour mondial de l’Accordéon.

2003 Himmelweit
for bass recorder and tape [10′]
Commission from Markus Zahnhausen. (Germany)
With support from the Conseil des arts du Canada

2003 Von Schwelle zu Schwelle
for chaluneau soprano [5’]
Commission from the Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia. (Germany)

2002 Concert
for organ. [10’]
Commission from Codes d’Accès.

2001-2002 Hereafter – a Macbeth’s extract
for vocal quartet and tape [ 10’]

2001  For Piano, Tape and Conversation [10’]
Commission from the Center for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

2001  Éclat
for violin and electroacoustic music. [8’]
with support from Canada Arts Council.

2001  Matières retrouvées
Electronic music. [8’30]

2000  Objets
Electronic music. [7’]

1999  Duo
for cello and pipa. [10’30]
Commission from Liu Fang.

1999  Le ciel doit être proche
for violin. [7’30]
Commission from the Banff Center for the Arts.

1998  Di-ptukhos
Series of seven diptychs short poem/musical miniature for piccolo, arab luth (ùd), cello and reader. Poems from Martine Audet. [20’]
Commission from the artists’ center SKOL.

1997  À travers champs
for orchestra [6’30]
Commission from the Orchestre de l’Université de Montréal.

1996-199  Miniare: recueil de 13 pièces brèves for chamber orchestra and various ensembles stemming from the orchestra [ca. 30’]
dour [2’15] for trumpet and piano. li [1’50] ubj [1’20] wind quintets [fl, hb, cl, cor, bn] cla [1’45] gerf [0’48] string quartets. cig [1’] xâ[1’40] for oboe, marimba and piano. osp [2’15] fe [1’] jonss[1’20] for 8 instrumentists [fl, cl, horn, tr, vln, vla, perc, pno] vur [2’30] ind [1’30] rèm [2’10] for chamber orchestra. 1996

Cueillir le jour for Clarinet Choir [5’30] Commission from the Choeur de clarinettes de l’Université de Montréal. 1995

que jamais. baignant tout for Violin, Cello and Piano. [8’]