Artistic collaboration opens on the possibility of doing things differently: the exchanges calls for a new reflexion, enriched by the back and forth movements typical of a conversation altogether friendly and critical.
It is in this context and spirit that the collaboration projects I participate in take place.

Els Cremats
In collaboration with Marie-Line Laplante, production of a sound fiction around the landscape of the spanish mountain: 23 minutes of sounds and words being held in a narrative tension, even though there is no narrative neither fiction. One just need to go along the words and sounds materiality in the texture of the radio. Live, in the studio, we are using resonating objects in which we speak the words, phrases, small texts; we resonate the bell plates and we electronically transform the voices; we listen to a pre-composed sound piece of the mountain. We propose the experience of radio and words, mountain and sounds, all mingled in the open-close space of the studio.

Marie-Line Laplante, reading, manipulation of objects and prepared dulcimer; Émilie Laforest, reading; Chantale Laplante, improvisation with a digital bank of sounds, modulated bell plates; Michal Seta, technical supervision; Andrea-Jane Cornell, on air production.
With support from the Conseil des arts du Canada, media arts and CKUT90,3FM.

Photo: michal seta
Els Cremats on CKUT

Improvisation in duo with Lê Quan Ninh.
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, November 2006

Chair, Bell, Floor
With sound artist Tomas Phillips.
We are each working on a personal interpretation of the same recording: a long moment where the physicality of our gestures opens on silence, contour, colour, ryhthm.

Estudo de um piano
Together with brazilian pianist Luciane Cardassi, elaboration of a prepared piano.
A conversation around the aspects of physicality of sounds (piano) and of the human (the pianist). October-November 2007

with english musician and sound artist Bill Gilonis. Long distance compositionbetweewn Zurich-Bamaberg and later Zurich-Montreal of two electroacoustic work and a collection of solo works composed expecially for this cd. AdHoc24.

ce qui arrive
an invitation from the author Chantal Neveu. Here is her proposal:
« The aim is to bring the text – started in 2002 and achieved in 2005- into an audio context. I want to see appear an an oscillation of what is said, heard, thought and perceived. To explore the musicality of the text and the very fine fragility of the sound dimension.
I have invited the composer and audio artist Chantale Laplante to work together, to see what will happen. ’
With the support from Laboratoire Nouveaux Médias, Oboro, Montréal.
September 2005-June 2006
See also «èdres» de C. Neveu sur

Brilliant Days
For 4 Ears CD 1446 Improvised music in duo with Charlotte Hug, wiola and electronics. Recorded at the Free RadiCCAls series at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow and Bamberg, Germany. Brilliant Days was selected as one of the top ten jazz and improvised recordings of 2004 by the prestigious music magazine The Wire [Jan 05 issue].

Video work in collaboration with the visual artist Inés Wickman. When the image becomes the shadow of sound and the sound the shadow of the shadow. 2004, 10 minutes. Distribution Groupe d’Intervention Vidéo, Montréal.
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